Pearson Tests of English

The Pearson Tests of English assesses and validates the English language usage of non-native English speakers. These tests are accredited by the QCDA (Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency), Ofqual and co-administered by Edexcel, which is the world’s largest examining body. The test is approved for use by the Australian Border Agency and the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship for visa applications, extending also to the UK, New Zealand, Switzerland, Finland, Iraq, Singapore, UAE, etc. It is principally read and graded by a computer for the sole purpose of timely release of results. The test may be written by any of the following level of students – undergraduates, graduates, master’s, etc. depending on the country and purpose for writing.

PTE Academic: 

The Pearson Test of English Academic comprises three sections:


  • Speaking & Writing
  • Reading


The detailed paper pattern is below-given:




Speaking and Writing

77 – 93 minutes

Ø  Personal introduction

Ø  Read aloud

Ø  Repeat sentence

Ø  Describe image

Ø  Re-tell lecture

Ø  Answer short question

Ø  Summarise written text (10 minutes)

Ø  Essay (20 minutes)


32 – 41 minutes

Ø  Reading and Writing: Fill in the blanks

Ø  Multiple choice: Choose multiple answers

Ø  Re-order paragraphs

Ø  Reading: Fill in the blanks

Ø  Multiple choice: Choose single answer

Ø  A 10-minute break (optional)


45 – 57 minutes

Ø  Summarise spoken text

Ø  Multiple choice: Choose multiple answers

Ø  Fill the blanks

Ø  Highlight the correct summary

Ø  Multiple choice: Choose a single answer

Ø  Select missing word

Ø  Highlight incorrect words

Ø  Write from dictation



PTE General:

PTE General (formerly known as the London Test of English) or Pearson English International Certificate (as of December, 2020) is an international English language examination for speakers of English as a foreign language (EFL). It is developed by Pearson Language Tests and administered by Edexcel; the exams are accredited by QCA (the Qualification and Curriculum Authority). In some countries (e.g. Poland, Greece), the oral interview is assessed by locally trained assessors, while in other countries (e.g. France, Italy), they are entirely graded in London. Pearson English International Certificate is consistent with a theme-based exam designed to test how well a learner can communicate in authentic and realistic situations, and not on how well they remember formal vocabulary and structures. For this reason, the tests use real-life scenarios rather than pedantic grammatical exercises. They test the four skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. There are six levels which are mapped to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The Framework was developed by the Council of Europe to enable language learners, teachers, universities or potential employers to compare and relate language qualifications by level.


CEFR Level

PTE General

Examination Time

C2 Proficient (Mastery)

Level 5

2 hours, 55 minutes

C1 Advanced (Operational Proficiency)

Level 4

2 hours, 30 minutes

B2 Upper Intermediate

Level 3

2 hours

B1 Intermediate

Level 2

1 hour, 35 minutes

A2 Elementary

Level 1

1 hour, 30 minutes

A1 Foundation

Level A1

1 hour, 15 minutes


PTE Young Learners: 

PTE Young Learners (formerly known as LTEfC) are international English language exams for young children (aged from 7 to 12) who are learning English as a foreign language (EFL). The four skills tested are: reading, writing, listening and speaking. The exams are based around the amusing adventures of the Brown family. The exams are theme-based and designed to be entertaining and inspiring. At the lower levels, they aim to test how well children can use language structures and at the higher levels, they test how well they can use language to complete communicative tasks. Based on the afore-written, the tests use real-life scenarios rather than mere grammatical exercises.


There are four PTE Young Learners levels, which are:


PTE Young Learners

Examination Time



1 hour



1 hour



1 hour



1 hour, 15 minutes


It has a total of 90 obtainable marks.

The PTE is conducted around five (5) times a year, as there are no specific dates. However, there may be more or less times, depending on the availability of the test centre(s) chosen by test-takers.

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